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WebHostingPad Editorial Review

WebHostingPad is designed to attract the attention of people looking for cheap but powerful hosting. 

But even though it is inexpensive, this platform promises excellent quality for your money.

Is it possible, or is there something else to know?

Let’s take a look at the WebHostingPad to check its price, scheduling, support and performance capabilities, and figure it out.

WebHostingPad Review: Background

WebHostingPad offers reliable support, good security, and easy to use Weebly web constructor.

Here is a list of services that this company provides:

  • Co-hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Webley Hosting
  • Hosting for email only
  • VPS-hosting

In this review of WebHostingPad, we will focus on its shared hosting – the most popular package it has.

WebHostingPad Pricing Review

WebHostingPad offers three shared hosting plans. The cheapest option starts at $1.99, but the price increases when you move to a shorter term.

Let’s take a look:

  • Power Plan hosting – starts at just $1.99 per month, giving you unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, and hosting domains.
  • Power Plan Plus – starts at $4.99 per month and includes free SSL Certificate, advanced web statistics, premium backup service,
  • Power Plan mini – starts at $3.00 per month and is designed for single-page sites or small projects. It gives you 100 GB of bandwidth, 5 GB of disk space, 100 email accounts, and a free site builder (WordPress, Weebly, or RV Site Builder).

But it’s not that easy.

This impressively cheap deal for just $1.99 – only if you commit to WebHostingPad for 48 months. For a 12-month contract, the price almost doubles to $3.99.

And keep in mind that the WebHostingPad is charged in advance. That means that when you purchase a $4.99/mo plan for four years, you will be charged $239.52 when you leave home.

However, when doing this review of the WebHostingPad, it was nice to see that this provider is entirely transparent in its pricing scheme. All price tables are easy to find on your page.

So how much exactly you will be paying for each plan? Everything is quite evident in the table below.

Payment Period Power Plan Power Plan Plus Power Plan mini
12 Months $47.88 $95.88 $42.00
24 Months $71.76 $167.76 $78.00
36 Months $82.44 $215.64 $108.00
48 Months $95.52 $239.52
60 months $119.40 $299.40

The other thing is renewal. After the first term, WebHostingPad charges a fee at the usual price, which is higher. And this is not uncommon for hosting providers.

But they’re also open on this issue. So you know about this before you buy the plan. And for any plan extension, prices go up by $2.00 a month, so it’s not a terrible price increase.

However, on the Power Plan mini-plan, that’s a different matter, which extends at the same price as your first period. You don’t know why the company decided to do this – but if you’re looking for a plan without an extension price increase, then Power Plan mini is an option for you.

Finally, if you do not like this provider, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Now, let’s see how the plans look in more detail. And there are many things to be happy about.


  Power Plan Power Plan Plus Power Plan mini
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 100 GB
Domains allowed Unlimited Unlimited 2
SSL Not included Included Included
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited 100
Customer support Email, chat, phone Email, chat, phone Email, chat, phone
Free automated back-ups No Yes No


Here comes an interesting thing – Power Plan mini – is another strange plan. With a different pricing structure, it is the only plan that does not offer unlimited website, bandwidth, and disk space.

With Power Plan and Power Plan Plus, you get a lot of resources – also at a very reasonable price.

On all plans, WebHostingPad equips you with a cPanel to administer the web page. And that’s one of the best options, so that’s a plus.

If you want to build a website yourself, there is a Weebly website builder.

With your hosting plan, you get 50 beautiful templates to choose from. All of them are edited from scratch if desired. And if you don’t find one, you can purchase additional options directly from Weebly.

It comes with anti-malware and anti-malware protection (which is nice). The security of your site is a must, and many providers are trying to improve with this. The WebHostingPad provides this for free with each package.

If you already have a website and thinking about migrating – the WebHostingPad technical team will help you for free – this is included in both plans. Although the size of the transfer should not exceed 2 G.B. – this is bad news if your site is a bit more media-heavy.

However, the WebHostingPad does not provide SSL in the entry-level plan. Starting in the summer of 2018, Google Chrome started marking all sites that do not have SSL as “Unsecure.” For pages seeking to gain credibility for their legitimacy, SSL is now a necessity.

That is why it is sad to see that the WebHostingPad does not include SSL with their login plan.

$24.95 per year to have an SSL certificate that you can get for free elsewhere? It’s not perfect.

SSL is not the only expensive WebHostingPad issue – take a look at the backup provider policy – it says that free backups are included in the Power Plan Plus package. Still, if your site exceeds the 3GB limit, the WebHostingPad will not accept backups. 

Knowing that large websites take up 2-4 GB, for many users, this policy is on the verge of being useless.

Additionally, these backups renew once a month only – that’s a long time – many ISPs do backups every night.

And they are not automatic, so if you cannot restore files, the WebHostingPad team can do it for a one-time fee of $39.95 (duh). 

What’s more, paying the fee does not guarantee that all data will be restored.

In general, WebHostingPad provides the right tools, but some crucial parts are missing.

WebHostingPad Customer Service Review

WebHostingPad states that it is very user-friendly and pays great attention to customer support. For this, he has an American team and offers phone, live chat, or email services.

Technical support is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for your convenience. Although the phone line has a limited number of hours on weekends: from 9 am to 6 pm (CST). But you can still contact us via chat or email.

And this chat is very fast. One minute – that’s how much on average it took us to get in touch with a live chat representative. That is a very good result, coinciding with even the current leaders of the industry. 

Besides, the provider has a knowledge base as well as video lessons. They cover basic questions in a simple form. That will definitely be useful for novice users.

However, there is one problem. 

And this question comes in the form of billing support. Live chat does not provide it – instead, it sends you an email to the support team, so many simple questions can be solved in half a day instead of a couple of minutes.


It’s time for a big test – server performance. And the WebHostingPad doesn’t seem very confident in its abilities. It only guarantees up to 99% performance, which is quite an average.

Of course, 99% looks like a good number, but it’s just not enough to guarantee performance. If your site were 99% higher, it would fall in 7 hours a month! It turns into three days a year.

Besides, a normal WebHostingPad site is only above average when it comes to GTMetrix performance.

It should be noted that the performance is different from the plan. For Power Plan (tested here) and Power Plan mini, you get an HDD server, and for Power Plan Plus, you upgrade to SSD servers.

Later on, these servers provide higher speed and reliability. That makes sense, as more advanced hosting requires more advanced servers.

Another thing is the location of the international servers. In many cases, you expect visitors from many parts of the world. And in WebHostingPad, it is covered – but only partially.

There is an option to choose the location of your server. But these possibilities are limited.

With servers in the U.S., China, and South Korea, it has international coverage but is mainly distributed in Southeast Asia. It’s okay if your visitors come from there. But if you have people coming from other regions, it can be a mess.

However, here are the response time tests using the American server WebHostingPad: really good in the United States – not so much abroad.

The performance is not terrible, but you can see where WebHostingPad cuts corners.

WebHostingPad Review Summary

If you are looking for many features at an affordable price, WebHostingPad is a pretty good price. You get unaccounted resources at a very competitive price. Now add the Weebly website builder, cPanel, and assisted website port to that – everything is starting to look good.

But you can’t miss these few quirks, such as dubious performance outside the U.S. and very careless backup policy. Besides, there is no pre-installed SSL and a shadow backup policy.

If you are looking for a cheap option to host multiple sites, WebHostingPad is quite a good one. Nevertheless, the choice is yours. But before you make a decision, take the time to check out the best web hosting providers we found!


  • Included is a free construction kit
  • Many ways to get in touch with the support team
  • Unspent bandwidth/disk space/websites


  • Average figures abroad
  • The login plan does not have an SSL certificate