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January 3, 2020

As anyone would say, Leaseweb has much better peering (so higher ratio). Only problem really is that 50TB bandwidth is upload/download so it would go pretty fast (depending on your use obviously). That being said, for 10EUR more (compared to with you can have 8TB HDD with 100TB bandwidth.

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Leaseweb 02

January 3, 2020

Mostly red. A leaseweb from Andy is probably my best bet but thats a bit over my budget at the moment

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Leaseweb 03

January 3, 2020

Black desert online uses Leaseweb too, it got so bad recently that thousands of players protested in the main cities on the game..nothing was done about it (just realised someone else mentioned BDO too)

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Leaseweb 04

January 3, 2020

Tried to leave the desert. But it keeps pulling me back in. Death incoming. you win Leaseweb

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Leaseweb 05

January 3, 2020

I like how their “motto” of sorts is reliable hosting. Which is accurate if you meant reliably shit. Can always count on Leaseweb to be trash. I really hope the migration fixes this. I don’t think they ever anticipated the game being as successful as it was and they were trying to minimize risk.

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Leaseweb 06

January 3, 2020

Not saying don’t blame Leaseweb for lag and a lot of heartache/broken perepherials… but it is possible that some of the delays we are experiencing are due to pre-migration efforts to validate and move our data to the new provider. Even if this is the case… yea no one that cares about performance should use leaseweb.

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Leaseweb 07

January 3, 2020

I cannot even login without getting instantly disconnected. (This was after getting a 30 second delay on everything I was attempting to do). Fuck Leaseweb.

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Leaseweb is not your usual hosting provider. It is a provider that offers not only infrastructure as a service and cloud solutions but also simple services such as domain registration and cloud hosting. With so many services behind you, will this provider be able to do all this well?

In this review of Leaseweb, we will see how good this company is.

Leaseweb Review: Background

Leaseweb is a company that offers an impressive selection of online products – some are for personal users, while others are exclusively for corporate purposes.

The services offered are as follows:

  • Dedicated servers
  • Cloud solutions
  • VPS-hosting
  • Shared Linux web hosting
  • Windows web hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services

So, there’s a lot of them. But to immerse ourselves in the depths and get a good overview of Leaseweb, we will focus on one form – shared hosting services.

Leaseweb Pricing Review

Leaseweb offers four shared hosting plans: S (from $3.99 per month), M ($6.49 per month), L ($8.99 per month), and XL ($15.49 per month).

On the whole, these prices look pretty good.

Here are the plans we are talking about:

  • Small – $3.99 per month, one website, 250 MB of disk space, 250 email accounts.
  • The average is $6.49 a month, five websites, 1GB of storage, 250 email accounts.
  • Large – $8.99 per month, ten sites, 5 GB of disk space, 250 email accounts
  • Extra Large – $15.49 per month, 50 sites, 10 GB of disk space, 250 email accounts

However, there are no monthly plans. You can only sign up for a year, and yes – you have to pay for everything in advance.

As we can see, plan S, in the long run, will cost you $47.88. But we still don’t recommend buying it. 250 MB of disk space? Well, keep in mind that WordPress installation with some plugins, themes, and an average database usually takes about 1 GB of disk space.

With 250MB, you can have several basic CMS and two emails. So most users will have to choose an M plan – and pay almost $80.

Pricing plans

Before we continue with this Leaseweb overview, let’s look at each of the four plans in more detail. 

That will help us understand what is offered, which option may be the best for us, and if the statistics will be stacked with other available hosting options.


Disk Space 250MB 1GB 5GB 10GB
Bandwidth 25GB 100GB 500GB 1000GB
How many domains are allowed? 1 5 10 50
SSL No No Optional Optional
Email accounts 250 250 250 250
FTP accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer support Live Chat, Phone, Email Live Chat, Phone, Email Live Chat, Phone, Email Live Chat, Phone, Email
Choice of server location Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free automated back-ups Yes Yes Yes Yes


Now that we know the details, what do these details translate to in terms of performance? Let’s see.

Leaseweb’s Performance Review

With all the information above, you can see what you get when you buy one of the Leaseweb services. But what does it mean for the service?

Will the servers be fast? Will you get the speed needed to update the Google Mobile First algorithm?

Well, during our worldwide response time test, it seems the answer is no.

The hosting speed was quite awful. Many other hosting companies can offer you higher speed, and they are not worth that much money.

Leaseweb Review: Pros

Now, let’s look at some of the best things about Leaseweb. These are the main advantages of this massive platform:

Massive product selection

Some providers are pleased with the fact that they offer only virtual hosting – maybe add the top registration of some domains, if they feel generous. Well – Leaseweb goes the opposite way. Of all the hosted services, he certainly has the most products to choose from.

Let’s say – from the operation with one person can grow into a global company without the need to ever change the provider. A large selection of services means that your project will be protected from tomorrow.

99.999% guaranteed uptime

Leaseweb feels very good – the company offers a very bold 99.999% guarantee of trouble-free service. That means that your site will be idle for only 5 minutes a year.

And here’s the thing.

It delivers – the server has never been shut down during testing; that’s pretty impressive, obviously.

Global data centers

If your visitors are all over the world, your hosting should be, too. With nine offices in the USA and one each in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney, Leaseweb has an extensive worldwide presence. 

That is one of the largest worldwide offices of all the providers we have reviewed.

Leaseweb Review: Cons

Here are some of its problems:

There’s no money-back guarantee

Any company that has no money-back guarantee raises its eyebrows. Most companies have at least a 30-day money-back guarantee to ease customers’ worries. 

Besides, there are customer testimonials that show the cost of canceling Leaseweb services. In general, it seems that the cancellation and refund process still needs a lot of work.

Slow service

For a company with such an incredible infrastructure of shared hosting services just not enough. 

Maybe it’s server optimization – maybe it’s a 2-speed service, which is put on a 3-speed server. The conclusion is simple – if you are looking for a super-fast shared hosting, then you better choose a company that specializes in this.

Long-term commitment

As we mentioned earlier, there is no option where you can buy month after month. 

Even though they specify prices for hosting by month, the only option is the annual hosting fee. They break the yearly cost and divide it by months to make it look cheaper.

To sum up the Leaseweb Review

During this review of Leaseweb, I came to one main conclusion – this company offers many brilliant services, and perhaps that’s why its shared hosting seems secondary. Not powerful enough, under-resourced, and expensive, Leaseweb shared hosting is just not good enough to compete with many competitors.

At the same time – with such infrastructure and experience, Leaseweb can be just one step away from greatness. We will look at both and see how it is done – but for now, if you are looking for the best web hosting, I suggest choosing something else.

The pros are

  • 99.999% serviceability
  • Quick customer support
  • Wide range of services


  • As for billing practices.
  • Activities of subdivisions
  • Only a 12-month plan is available.

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