Content marketing

We believe that no business created the same – let’s talk over your project details and objectives and find solution best for you. An extensive pre-sale work – on us.

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We are full cycle agency

Because of it
1. Content creation goes well beyond copywriting (think design and code)
2. It does not stop at content creation - we do its distribution & link building as well

Let’s talk and find
a solution fitting

Our website and blog is a solid example of content quality we are offering

Long-form, data-driven content

Massive solutions

Skyscrapers & Clusters

Massive 25,000+ word clusters to dominate competitive keyword SERPs

4-6 weeks.

Ebooks / Whitepapers

In-depth, 15,000+ word guides to use as PDFs / lead magnets for ad campaigns

4-6 weeks

Relaunch Old Posts

Update old, sub-2,000 word content with new data points and 10,000+ new words

1-2 weeks.

Consulting solutions

Content Strategy Plan

Productized consulting to deliver a new content marketing plan in one week

1 week

Content Audit

Findings and recommendations on messaging, objectives, keyword opportunities, competitive SERP analysis, and content funnel

3-4 weeks

Content Playbook

A content audit and entire done-for-you plan to scale content creation in-house, including process maps and procedures

4-8 weeks

What you're paying for:

  1. Completely-custom content specifically created for your niche
  2. Specialist writer with at least 3-5+ years of vertical experience
  3. Dedicated Copy-Editor for grammar, punctuation, etc.
  4. Quality control with outline reviews and edits before you ever see the finished product
  5. Dedicated Operations Director and Manager overseeing all coordination, scheduling, and logistics
  6. Up-to-date statistics from 2016 or more recent
  7. Relevant industry examples and case studies (e.g. ecommerce examples for ecommerce companies)
  8. Revisions and feedback until you’re 100% satisfied
  9. Writer-client specialization and internal processes so you get publish-ready content
  10. Monthly topic ideas to select from based on your identified keywords or similar popular content in your space
  11. Built-in promotion for similar topics on all of the other content we create


Step #1. Give us some basic info.

We’ll get some basic info from you. Stuff like content formatting preferences and target audience. That way we can create the best content possible for you and your potential clients.

Get started ->

Step #2. We respond with ideas.

Now that we understand your target audience, we'll do industry research and send you a few initial topic ideas.

Step #3. You OK the ones you like.

Don't like any of them? No problem. We'll keep sending better ones until you're happy.

Step #4. Start single test article.

Once we agree on a topic, we'll start with a test article.

We'll write it, send it over, and only charge for it if you like it. Otherwise, you won't owe us a dime.

There is literally zero risk to get started.

Step #5. Prep, format, and deliver.

Once accepted, we'll deliver the content in your format of choice.

Optionally: let's talk over distribution strategy

Even great content needs some help on start to get things going.


1.1 Moved visual productions into separate unit and started dedicated marketing campaign on home market

We love Wordpress and recently shipped two plugins into open beta for commercial sale.

1.2.1 King The Monk - wordpress plugin to virally grow your email list

1.2.2 Plain conversions - wordpress plugin to convert your visitors

1.3 We fell in love with ecommerce, coz of short feedback cycles for both development and marketing. Today we slightly upgrade GRIN tech's expertise shipping into production inhouse SaaS project - AVOKADO - the web app for learning languages with flash cards.

1.4 Collaboration with Logomachine.
It is design company working in Russia. We fell in love with the their offer on logotypes & brand assets (transparent pricing, fixed deadlines) and decided to bring their offer to English speaking markets.


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