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E-commerce Development Solutions

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E-commerce Development Solutions

First thing first:

What platforms do we work with?

Over years of work, we figured a perfect toolset for every kind of project:
  • WordPress – for medium-sized projects with out-of-box features via plugins. Our own agency website is built with WordPress πŸ™‚
  • Shopify – a mainstream e-commerce platform of mediocre quality, but amazing Amazon integration πŸ™‚ Here is theΒ Shopify store we redesigned recently.
  • Tilda – amazing, sort of "codeless" tool to ship corporate website & landing pages. Here is the Corinth Trade Company website we did with Tilda.

Custom Code (PHP, Python, Vue.js)

There are times when one must build things from scratch to ensure flexibility of roadmap, so we can deliver such projects coded either in PHP or Python.

Wow, can I just send you my PSD \ Sketch \ Figma files & you do the rest?

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