Database Marketing Services

Database marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses customer or potential customer data to create personalized communications to promote a product or service.

Database-based marketing focuses on the use of statistical methods to develop customer behavior patterns, which is then used in the choice of customers for communication.

B2B vs. B2C

There are two main types of marketing databases:

  • Client databases (B2C)
  • and Corporate bases (B2B).

The client bases are used by companies selling the product directly to the consumer, i.e. using the Business Client (B2C) model. Due to legal aspect GRIN tech provides B2C database marketing services only for database owned and collected by your company.

Contrary, we provide B2B database marketing services well beyond a client base you own. Corporate databases often contain much more information. The reason for this is the absence of obstacles in the form of laws on personal data protection, which are faced by marketers when compiling client databases.

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