Web development solutions

1. Custom development for complex projects (mostly PHP, Python & Vue.js)
2. Wordpress & Tilda for less demanding objectives

1. Turn key solution 2. Outsource - works well for filling missing in house competenece or doing work faster

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outstaffing \ outsourcing

Back-end & front-end

Turn key
online stores

Turn key
software development (MVP)

Custom CRM

Online store
in 1 day



Tempting to try,
awesome to stay

  1. 1Full cycle studio

    We do more than coding - we solve your business objectives

  2. 2Transparent pricing & deliverables

    Via proper onboarding, interview and technical brief

  3. 3Boutique approach

    Means thoughtful solution of your objectives

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Konsuella Bravasta

Guys helped me with 2 shops on Tilda…

Guys helped me with 2 shops on Tilda already. Appreciate their advices and attitude along the way. Also, it’s quite cool that they seemingly can do EVERYTHING online related - just ask

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Spot on!

I needed few landing pages and basic AdWords set up for my business. GT did a solid job with both. Innovative and bright guys who gets the job done as promised. Thanks guys see you next time...

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Dina Shadrina

Grin Tech, I wish you success!

I cooperated with Grin Tech to do my two projects: dms-consulting.ru and vdervne-leto.ru. This is quite different tasks.

As a result, I have two good-working web-sites designed according to necessary styles and with my wishers.

Dmitrii and his team is really high-qualified specialists. Their recommendations, technical and marketing knowledge was very important for my projects and helped me to see another point of view, and to get new clients.

Now I can recommend Dmitrii and Grin Tech as reliable, creative and responsible partner

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Dmitrii B.
Leads most of the current projects, founder

We as a GRIN tech team mainly focus on ecommerce and startup-like services. We also work on some inhouse projects because they grow in something big sometimes and it’s just fun to do them.

We basically have a what is called full stack expertise - backend and frontend development engineers. But what I am particularly proud of is that we also proficient with tools like Wordpress & Tilda, because many projects just do not need complex tech stack in the early stages, especially if it is about idea validation.

For example, a functional online store for a few products can be launched in 1 day. Add few days on designer work and here you are - newly born ecommerce ready to sell.

We did a project like that with a fashion online store. Complete website set up took just few days and while client created product cards we finished design and launched AdWords campaign.

Of course it's not always as simple as that, especially if you are going after organic traffic from Google. So a guy came to me and said that he has an awesome logistics scheme for sporting goods. We just need to parse supplier’s website with over 5 000 items (twice a day to keep info updated) and make a complete online store on top of this database.

I also want to explain this vague ‘startup-like services’ thing. Its either some stand alone project or some internal services. Examples would help us here:

  • For example, we developed a web based app (website) for learning languages with flashcards but fancy and super easy. It’s called Avokado. There is a link in footer in case you wanna see it. So its a stand alone thing
  • My most favourite example of creating internal services is Customer Relationship Management system (CRMs) built specifically for your business. Because, there are so many details in implementing a good CRM - it should take into account your processes and software already in use. So from my experience most of the times its easier to build your own.
  • I also love making a point of how coding is a huge advantage in marketing - widget seo, various micro-sites etc. But each of these topics deserve its own video

So, what I am trying to tell you, is that

  • we are good at using awesome tools to solve your problem and achieve your goals
  • We are full cycle studio and because of it always have a bigger picture in mind other than “yes, sir! We can build it”
  • We provide solutions instead of services, because you do not need online store as such, you need sales made online

At this point I should deliver a good Call To Action. Here it is - if you have some project in mind or some specific task to solve - just hit the chat on your bottom right and lets talk over it. Partners for life at best, free brainstorming and consultancy at worst.

You can schedule a call with me straight away


What do you mean by positive ROI?

In case of turn key coding solution we do things with marketing in mind (e.g. here is 5000+ words on HOW TO TACKLE SEO BEFORE YOU SHIP WEBSITE TO PRODUCTION OR EVEN BUILD IT) so later on there is no need to rebuild everything.

What is turn key solution?

You name it, we execute it.

Ranging from "I just need sales online" to "I need custom crm custom CRM built with PHP\VUE, my team will do project brief and API - you do the rest"

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost to buy a new car? The question is quite complex, so we even built a website to answer this question - WCCO.

But in nutshell single product ecommerce on Tilda costs $1000, simple custom CRM would be $1000 - $2000. Developer's hourly rate is $35.


Awesome tools to execute your vision


For niche online shops with few hundred SKUs & promo-sites.

We love Wordpress and recently shipped two plugins into open beta for commercial sale.

1.2.1 King The Monk - wordpress plugin to virally grow your email list

1.2.2 Plain conversions - wordpress plugin to convert your visitors


PHP & Python programming languages, Vue.js for awesome front-end

Call To Action


Research, planning & prototyping

Deliverable: functional specification.


Roadmap & budget breakdown

Transparent pricing. Strategy proposal for 6 month ahead.



Deliverable: project shipped to production. Pixel perfect front-end, bullet-proof back-end.


Ongoing support

Only pay once. Bugs and rare cases at our expense.


1.1 Moved visual productions into separate unit and started dedicated marketing campaign on home market

We love Wordpress and recently shipped two plugins into open beta for commercial sale.

1.2.1 King The Monk - wordpress plugin to virally grow your email list

1.2.2 Plain conversions - wordpress plugin to convert your visitors

1.3 We fell in love with ecommerce, coz of short feedback cycles for both development and marketing. Today we slightly upgrade GRIN tech's expertise shipping into production inhouse SaaS project - AVOKADO - the web app for learning languages with flash cards.

1.4 Collaboration with Logomachine.
It is design company working in Russia. We fell in love with the their offer on logotypes & brand assets (transparent pricing, fixed deadlines) and decided to bring their offer to English speaking markets.


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