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December 22, 2019

I personally recommend They provide:
250 MB Disk Space
6 GB Bandwidth
5 Domains Hosted
+ 1 MySQL Database
+ 1-click App Installs
FTP access. Support of PHP, Perl, Python, SSI and much more. There is also a catalogue of ready-made scripts with a possibility to adapt the design to your website – the optimal choice for a beginning webmaster.

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December 22, 2019

Freehostia has a free tier and they have been great for me. Everyone in my web dev program uses them. I py 3/mo now so I have some extra benefits, but I used their free tier for over a year.

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December 22, 2019

I’ve been a customer with Freehostia for 11 years now and in that time found them to be very good, though in recent years I feel I may have been naive and foolish to think so.
I have found that my sites with them (on separate accounts) fail to load.
I open a ticket when I have this issue and sometimes get a reply saying no issue on their end (it’s usually sorted by the time they respond, ahem) though this time the reply stated:
‘ The reason for the issue is that we experienced an overload of the web server responsible for your websites. Our administrators managed to quickly resolve the issue and your websites are operational once again.
We apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused you.’
£85 per year is hard to pass, but at the cost of server time I despair!

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Frichosty can be many things. But it’s by no means humble.

Claiming that she is “Heaven Hosting on Earth,” she tries to reassure its users – Freehostia is the best option for free hosting, which is in the world. 

But is it so?

Is it true that Freehostia is a hosting paradise? Or is it a one-way trip on the highway to Hell?

Let’s find out.

It’s Free – But it’s also a Freemium

Freehostia boasts some useful features, including 99.9% Uptime and five free subdomains for users. Yes, it’s pretty good – primarily since the company seeks free web hosting. So both of these features right here, you can get them without entering credit card numbers (strange – it turns out that “Free” in the name means something!).

But while free, Freehostia still claims to be in step with the latest technology. That is done by offering something known as “cluster hosting,” which should be “15 times faster than the widespread single-server hosting platform solution”.

This technology allows network assets to specialize in a particular task, saving computational power and speeding up the process.

For example, the site has servers fully dedicated to MySQL databases.

That is an excellent way to optimize resources – and Freehostia does it neatly. And in general, for the free version, the package and technologies look very, very good!

Except that despite the “Free” in the title and main section, the company still asks you to pay for some premium features.

And no matter how much you pay, Freehostia’s only personal support comes in the form of tickets, which sounds like anything but premium.

But before we judge Freehostia, let’s see how much these premium features cost at all.

Freehostia Pricing

It turns out that the prices for Freehostia are quite affordable.

Monthly subscription varies from just $2.95 per month to a maximum of $9.95 per month. Each tariff plan includes many features.

And if you suddenly get the buyer’s remorse, lucky for you, there is a money-back guarantee, with Freehostia also provides a free trial for 30 days.

More Detailed Plans

Frichostia gives its plans names with a taste – the table below includes a selection of three separate Freehostia plans.


Watercircle Lovebeat Wildhoney Supernatural
Price/month $2.95 $4.95 $7.50 $9.95
Disk Space Limit 2 GB 2 TB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Limit 50 GB 1 TB Unlimited Unlimited
Domains 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing Lists 0 2 5 10
MySQL v.5 Databases 8 15 50 100
Free Domain Included No No Yes Yes
SSD / HDD used in servers SSD SSD SSD SSD
SSL Shared SSL IPs Shared SSL IPs Shared SSL IPs Shared SSL IPs
Email Accounts 100 300 Unlimited Unlimited
Website Builder Included Included Included Included
Money-Back Guarantee 30-day 30-day 30-day 30-day
Customer Support 24/7 email 24/7 email 24/7 email 24/7 email


The features included in the site are more than worthy, and there are certainly good options contained in the website for those looking for an affordable subscription.

Performance of Freehostia

During my Freehostia review, I tested the site on Bitcatcha. You can see the results below:

That is a particularly weak link for Frichostia.

However, although the overall performance of the site is below average, this is enough if you are only concerned about using the site in the western world.

Concluding Thoughts on Freehostia Review

I’m a fan of what Freehostia does for sure. Giving the world access to free hosting can be a solid business plan, and they do it better than some other free hosting providers I have encountered.

So, although its speed around the world was not particularly impressive, Freehostia is undoubtedly still worth thinking about, especially since it offers free packages for those who dip in the pool of hosting providers. Give a free version of the vortex and see what you think.

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  • 1-hour warranty
  •  Free plan
  •  Excellent uptime


  • Slow response time
  •  Bad E-mail

Changelog – pre-ecosystem era

v0.1.8 Hound @ – b2b prospecting platform

v0.1.8.1 Business directory – content experiment to support b2b prospecting platform.

v0.1.6 GRIN tech affiliate program is live.

v0.1.5.2 Working on cool in-house lead gen project - Art Director is preparing 100 picks of Business Cards in various niches.

v0.1.5.1 GRIN games emerged

As a web agency we never could and never will be able to escape the urge of building things.
Among million other things we played with an idea of text-based games and the last piece that was missing was the story itself. So via in-house outreach platform we found two established writers that believed in the project and agreed to participate.

Shout out to Richard Abbott who wrote Fraud on Thetis and Eva Pohler who sent us a huge draft we are still reading through.

v0.1.4 GRIN launcher is born.
It is an outreach platform that we use to establish connections with editorial teams.
They say samples of published articles look good but pricing looks even better

At some point we realised that list building, fetching contact details & outreach tech work just as well for b2b lead generation

v0.1.3 Once, we fell in love with ecommerce, because of short feedback cycles on marketing & development efforts.
Today we ship into production inhouse SaaS project - AVOKADO - the web app for learning languages with flash cards.

The year after we built it we realised how long is the road map ahead & what resources we'd need to promote it and decided to put it on hold.

One day as we ship GRIN tech v3.0 into production we'll distrupt the language learning market with Avokado.

We love Wordpress and recently shipped two plugins into open beta for commercial sale.

v0.1.2.2 King The Monk - wordpress plugin to virally grow your email list

v0.1.2.1 Plain Conversions - wordpress plugin to convert your visitors

v0.1.1. Expanded core offering to visual productions

v0.1 It's Autumn 2017 and GRIN tech agency's website is born.
We have it saved for the history.

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