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Once, a client came to us saying he wants to build a marketplace for the fitness industry. He planned to help businesses & professionals first:
  • Free website on the platform & booking system
  • CRM management, including marketing automation (email & SMS)
  • Promotion (primary for joined businesses at the beginning)
Sounds like $150k contract and a year of full-time work So he hired a developer and started building MVP. Then he hired us to design the front-end part. After we talked for 2 hours and went through objectives that's what we figured out:
  • Let's use Tilda (website builder) for the front-end part, including building semi-custom templates for businesses joining the platform
  • Tilda has built-in integration with a booking and CRM system, drum roll, designed specifically for service businesses. Including automation. The most advanced tier including white-label costs $100 per month
  • Since Tilda has a dead-simple Membership feature we were able to set up dashboards for businesses via embedded Google Docs
Timeline: 1 week to build the platform v0.1; First three businesses joined the week after Cost: $500 for design + $100 for Discovery Call

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