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Webair Editorial Review

Webair started in 1996 and aims to offer a web hosting service that fully meets customer needs. 

Its New York data center looks more like a palace than an office building.

In total, it operates from three North American Premier data centers and one in Europe. It’s impressive.

But is Webair full of hot air? Find out if it’s worth registering or not in my Webair review.

Webair Review: First Impression

The first thing that struck me about Webair was the vast number of different services it offers.

All of the following are offered:

  • Virtual Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated private cloud hosting
  • Cloud Storage
  • Database location
  • Naked Metal Servers

If you’re looking for consumer class hosting, you’ve come to the wrong place!

Webair company pays great attention to hosting for business/enterprises, offering services such as Database Colocation, which allows you to transfer your equipment in one of the modern Webair data centers.

The specifications behind specialized private cloud hosting Webair are mind-boggling. In essence, it is a hybrid service that gives you simultaneous access to AWS / Google Cloud storage and private cloud server in the Webair data center. The result is that you can choose the most suitable platform for each workload.

The Webair Virtual Private Cloud Service for Enterprise (e-VPC) works similarly but requires sharing resources with other users.

Despite the complexity of the technology, the server interfaces remain user-friendly. You can use tools such as cPanel or EZPanel to manage your Webair site.

Technical support

Despite 24/7/365 support, every time I tried to start a live conversation about my hosting package, I was told that agents were unavailable.

I even tried to start a chat a few times during New York office hours! So if you want to purchase Webair services based on these glowing promises of consumer value, then don’t!

Webair Pricing Review

There are three pre-defined levels for e-VPC servers: the Business package, which costs $29.95 per month, the Enterprise plan at $69.96 per month, and the Power plan at $99.95 per month.

However, since Webair dedicated private cloud servers are specialized services that integrate with your existing network, the best way to find out the price for them is to request a custom offer.


Webair Review Business Enterprise Power
Price $29.95/month $69.95/month $99.95/month
Disk Space 40GB 100GB 250GB
Bandwidth 500GB 1TB 10TB
No. of Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses Not included Not included Not included
SSL Included? Yes Yes Yes
Website Builder No No No
Customer Support 24/7 live chat and phone 24/7 live chat and phone 24/7 live chat and phone
Money-Back Period 30-Day 30-Day 30-Day

The key difference between different packets is the storage capacity, and the bandwidth included. Too bad, there are no unlimited plans, but since Webair focuses on high-performance computing, this is understandable.

For most of them, an enterprise-class packet will provide the best compromise between cost and space.


Although speeds in the U.S. were acceptable given that it is a corporate host, global download time was not good enough.

Webair Review: Final Thoughts

Although, as this review Webair shows, the service runs on technologically advanced hosting architecture. However, the Webair platform is summed up by the insufficient number of employees working in live chat, and low download speeds.

However, since the experience with custom hosting is inevitably subjective, you should use its 30-day payback period to test Webair services for yourself.


  • Powerful Hosting Technology
  • Enabled SSL Certificates
  • Wide range of hosting types


  • Huge client support
  • Disappointing global download time
  • Expensive plans