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Business Cards

As an agency GRIN tech addresses four verticals: startups, b2b, e-commerce, and small businesses.

There are a lot of obvious (duh) content opportunities to target those verticals, but most keywords are so crowded and dull. “Lead generation guide” here; “total addressable market” there, blah blah blah.

So while scrolling through endless pages of keywords I figured out that business cards are indeed a common thing for business people.

So we did research 100 ideas. Competitors research showed that all compilations on Google:

  1. Have a huge volume of options. 300 items in your face!
  2. And you kinda do not understand why are you scrolling this collection.

Here is our idea: Art Director’s pick of best business cards (generally there are 6 to 20 items on a list) across various niches.

Enjoy our Art Director’s pick of the best business cards across over 100 niches, job titles, and styles.

Stay tuned.