Web Development Services

GRIN tech started with websites.

Now experience allows us to do more complex web-projects: internal services, products, and automation for business.

We involve clients in project work through T-sessions – a methodology that combines your knowledge of the industry and our experience of web development.

GRIN tech combines technology with good design. We believe that even the internal systems of companies should be convenient and pleasant to work with.

Tech stack

  • Backend on PHP & Python
  • Frontend on Vue.js as a JavaScript framework. Webpack, Babel and other fancy tech as well
  • Mobile applications on React Native. This front-end technology allows for faster development with a single code base and does not require separate specialists for different platforms. This reduces the cost of the project.
  • Infrastructure. To build, test and deliver the software, we configured the ci/cd system based on the Bitbucket ecosystem. Applications are isolated in Docker containers.

GRIN tech is a full service digital agency. That helps us to create projects that are ready for promotion and advertising.

For many customers, we develop a website and alongside marketing strategy & execution allowing us to test hypotheses and change course if necessary.

Few reasons why

  • Established project management culture
  • Maintaining a high level of design in projects
  • Our front-end guys do not need separate mockups to build responsive design – saved budget we allocate on more meaningful things
  • Transparent pricing and deliverables
  • Development is done in iterations (sort of agile)
  • Projects are built with marketing in mind