White Label Lead Generation

Long story short, first we developed an in-house outreach platform to build genuine relationships with media to earn backlinks & exposure:

White label lead generation via GRIN launcher promo

The processes there are quite straightforward:

  • Prospects List Building based on client requirements, e.g. tech blogs with monthly organic traffic over 20 000 and Domain Authority (DA) 20+
  • Contact Data Enrichment, which usually means fetching an email address of Editor-in-Chief
  • Outreach Campaign
  • & further curation until the content is live

So at some point, we did realize that that’s what b2b lead generation relies upon!

And here we go – b2b lead generation solution 🙂

Note, that:

  • We do the first mile of lead gen, but you have to close those leads yourself or have a sales team at place. We just help avoid routine of business development.
  • b2c lead generation is basically marketing. So if that’s what you need – check out marketing solutions instead.

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