Photo & video production


We now offer
photo & video production
as a standalone solution
Classic solutions
Video reviews
for online stores
& company video
Content creation
for YouTube
Video editing
Stock footage
video editing

Unique content for web

Videos for social networks and online advertisement. We hustle video marketing too.
Photo & video for web
Visual content on website creates the effect of motion and life alongside the feeling that brand is unique and real.
Have a look
at the recently executed project
website of UNIQUE fitness studio

Show real 2018

Best works
Business solutions
Classic solutions
Object shooting, video editing of existing material,
content for ecommerce and social networks.
Stock footage editing
Need content ASAP?
Let's cut the budget for on site shooting
and go on with stock footage editing
email? we love old school too :)
Two key team members
coordinate the work
Misha Roomi

He worked in the production department of the 'STS PRIMA' channel, Russia, filmed commercials for large events (Arhvarene, CTM Siberia, Green, etc.)
Was involved in a variety of staging and reporting shootings.

"As a hobby I work with musicians, record and edit video from experimental and chamber performances."

Dmitrii Borodin

The product manager in GRIN tech. He helps clients to define project's scope and roadmap to achive business goals.

He also, coordinates the work of marketing, design, development and video / photo production departments.

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Advertisement videos

Franky Woo

TV ads for FRANKY WOO restaurant

'Bulgakov' bar

TV ads for 'Bolgakov' bar

Promo videos


HMOT concert @ CTM Siberia Prelude


'HARATS' bard opeing
Once we did a shooting at the Syberian forest. Client was a really quite guy, so we forgot him on the way back and returned just few hours later.

'ISKRA' studio

Corporate promo video for 'ISKRA' studio

corporate video

Night life Awards 2015

Event's video footage for YouTube

'Coffe machine'

Small documentary about small coffee shop owners

Video for brands


Video about COOLHAUSE's
process of furniture creation

Proektmarketing +1

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1.1 Moved visual productions into separate unit and started dedicated marketing campaign on home market

We love Wordpress and recently shipped two plugins into open beta for commercial sale.

1.2.1 King The Monk - wordpress plugin to virally grow your email list

1.2.2 Plain conversions - wordpress plugin to convert your visitors

1.3 We fell in love with ecommerce, coz of short feedback cycles for both development and marketing. Today we slightly upgrade GRIN tech's expertise shipping into production inhouse SaaS project - AVOKADO - the web app for learning languages with flash cards.

1.4 Collaboration with Logomachine.
It is design company working in Russia. We fell in love with the their offer on logotypes & brand assets (transparent pricing, fixed deadlines) and decided to bring their offer to English speaking markets.

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