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How to Franchise a Restaurant

Franchising is a unique tool for restaurant development and scaling. It is one of the few business models that can lead to rapid and explosive growth. A franchise agreement is concluded between the founder (owner) of the franchise and a partner.

The founder has a unique method of doing business know-how in the industry and a recognized brand. He is ready to transfer the above-mentioned objects to the partner in return for the partner’s regional expertise and additional resources (e.g. execs labor cost optimization) of the partner in exchange for the brand expansion.

The restaurant franchise packaging process includes

  • development of the main elements of franchising
  • as well as debugging the correct operation of three blocks
  • franchise sale
  • partner facility opening
  • operating support for franchisees

As a team of franchising consultants, we are able to launch and develop franchising projects in the catering industry based on our experience and in-house developments in this field.

The content of this manual is intended to demonstrate the content of the basic franchise development project.

The owner or manager, after reading this document, can make an initial impression and draw conclusions about the appropriateness of using franchising tools in his or her own business.

The following section lists the main elements that should include a restaurant franchise for the effective development of a balanced benefit for both parties

How to franchise a restaurant: basic elements

Balanced partnership conditions

The terms of the franchise program are developed taking into account the target audience of potential franchisees The right balance between the interests of the founder and partner of the franchise largely determines the potential of the network development in the future

Partner documents

Partner’s package of documents is designed to give detailed information to a partner about the processes of opening the restaurant’s operational management. How to choose a room for the restaurant as a place to build technological processes for how to report on the answers to these questions partner learns from manuals and checklists that the founder sends when buying a franchise

Sales model and partner selection system

Franchise sales are carried out according to certain rules, which are usual for investors and potential partners of the target audience of the franchise. Selection of the right tools and sales channels largely determine the speed of development and growth of the franchise network

Sales and support team

A competent franchise team is naturally required for successful sales and development of the restaurant’s partner network. The right approach in advising on opening and accompanying the franchisee is of key importance in the development of the restaurant’s partner network.

Processes of opening and maintenance of partner objects

  • Lessons learned and established technologies of value to potential partners
  • Proper training and transfer of experience and technology
  • One of the main tasks of a consultant is described in the partner’s manual
  • The opening process includes a project on opening a restaurant
  • Maintenance process includes rules and standards of the network tools to monitor compliance with these standards, as well as a training system for the partner and its employees

Regional policy framework

  • Mistakes in the formation of a regional franchise development policy slow down the growth of the network and entail additional costs
  • Our task at the stage of developing a franchise on the basis of accumulated experience to foresee and eliminate possible problems
  • Regional policy is largely determined by the construction of a system of work with exclusive franchisees and master franchisees.

How to franchise a restaurant: partner package

Partner package includes a set of documents giving full exhaustive information about all aspects of doing business on the franchise. Let’s list the main documents that contain the package and which are developed by our team within the framework of the project on restaurant franchise packaging and give explanations for each.

A regional policy built up

The franchise program presentation is used in the work of the franchise sales manager. This document conveys the ideology of the company and emphasizes the main advantages of the franchise business. The presentation forms the correct expectations of a potential partner about the future cooperation with the company

Brand beech restaurant

Brand beech is a corporate identity policy This document describes how to use signage logos and other corporate identity elements.

Partner management

Partner’s Guide The Partner’s Guide provides answers to key questions related to opening and operating a Partner’s Restaurant. The Partner’s Guide contains a checklist for employees that prescribes how to deal with a particular situation in their daily work. The Guide is regularly updated and supplemented so as not to lose its relevance and usefulness.

Financial model

The financial model is a document that shows the potential partner of the restaurant’s franchise program the number of investments, monthly profit expenses and the final payback period of the business. Transparency and availability of information affect the decision of the potential partner to choose one or another franchise.

Prospects of franchise implementation for a restaurant

  • Expand regional brand presence
  • Build a team of interested partners
  • Attract additional resources from contributions and royalties
  • Get profit from supplies
  • Get restaurant brand recognition across the country