Real estate marketing ideas & tips to succeed in 2019

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The ideas that underlie low-budget marketing (also known as partisan or guerrilla marketing) are not new at all: do not sell the old horse, smile to your customers and give some free candy to their children.

In order to attract customers you will not only have to get a good product (quality service) and get used to talking, gain reliable partners and use a resource of your own brain — wits and imagination. So if you really are a fan of your business and know your weak points and competitive advantages, take risks, experiment, and you’ll have a chance.

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Make them buy your ad first

The low-budget marketing system can be divided into 4 stages.

  1. Attracting new customers and informing people about the service or product provided.
  2. Work with attracted customers by phone and set preliminary agreements.
  3. Directly selling the service in such a way that the client has a need and desire to return again.
  4. Work with regular customers and prolonged contracts.

At each of these stages, the company (or agent) has the opportunity to stand out, express itselve and attract the attention of a potential client. But think about it properly. Take a real estate agency, for example. Where does it usually get customers? The answer is obvious: from media advertising, street ads and word of mouth.

Firstly, remember, the advertising has to be changed periodically and refreshed. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with it. Low-budget marketing is characterised by more or less shocking forms of advertising, provocative, or at least motivational.

For example:

  • “Buy an apartment, get a free baseball cap!”. That’s is going to be as memorable, as it is ridiculous.
  • Street banner ad: “Bearer of this banner gets a discount”.
  • A smartphone retailer once offered a free mobile phone to those who will undress at the store.

I would suggest to realtors several options for a memorable promo:

  • Buy apartments! Free*! With the smaaaal text below, that clarifies: *opportunity to live in a decent environment;
  • Apartments for free! And small letters on the bottom read “or those, who bring us 10 buyers”. It’s going to be economically viable for you at the end.
  • Adjust to social events. “Want to live near the place where all the marches and meetings happen? We neither…”;
  • Use gloss magazines to place an ad that looks odd. Newspaper print style, instead of a glossy designed promo.;
  • aggressive ad: put a street banner somewhere in the bad, ugly neighbourhood. The banner says something like: “Do you want to leave this mess? It’s about time…”.

On the fence of the building site make a graffiti depicting people who with suitcases, children and luggage climb over the fence. Or a rally with posters “I want to live here.” Or something else motivating.

In addition, realtors do not have to wait until potential customers come to them, seeing their ads in the newspaper. It is possible and necessary to use trust marketing techniques – work with the base of existing contacts, ring it up, find out the needs, inform, remind yourself of useful newsletters and in other ways. Just do not overdo it – and then the reputational harm will be more than good!

What should you do with trust?

All of the above techniques can be effective for making the first impression. A potential client remembers about your company. But the client still has to get to the moment of choice. At what point does a person choose not an apartment, but a real estate agency? For example, if they already have an apartment, but they need to rent or sell it. So it is really important which company to choose. It is unlikely to choose a company remembered for an outrageous PR actions (duh). People will turn to the company that is known for the quality of services. How can you position yourself in this capacity:

  • Word of mouth. It is very important that your former and current clients speak about you. Reviews, their communication with friends and colleagues, their posts on social networks — all this can become your potential advertising medium. A satisfied client has the potential to lead up to a dozen new ones.;
  • Willingness to advise and provide information to the client. It is very important that all lawyers and realtors working in the company are competent and friendly not only in relation to clients, but also to people who they just consult;
  • Regular publication in magazines and working with journalists, blogging or video blogging;
  • Participation in seminars and conferences (speeches, master classes for potential clients, etc);
  • A competent and informative website with good articles;
  • Partnerships with banks (mortgage loans, etc);
  • A working system and competent specialists who can help optimise the paperwork for the client;
  • Willingness to assist in a variety of cases: from payment issues to schedules, discounts and bonuses;
  • A convenient and broad base of offers for clients;
  • Additional services: moving home assistance (trucks, freight handlers, etc), searching buyer for clients who sell, or tenants for those who rent out, etc.

Of course, this is not a complete list of what the company can impress the customer with. But this is a certain minimum check-list, with which you could start a match if you want to increase your company’s profits.

A spoon is dear when lunch time is near

You need to think about at what point the client has a need for the service. Cafes are located in shopping centres, counting on shoppers who got hungry during shopping. So where’s your place to remind about your service?


  • Stickers and leaflets in mailboxes;
  • Banners on the windows and balconies of your building;
  • Stickers on employees’ cars;
  • Place information in the offices of your partners and involve their couriers, if there are any;
  • Make sure that your contacts can be seen in crowded places where people spend a lot of time and think about their plans. Lifts, bus stops, cafes, parking lots, traffic lights stops, construction site fences;
  • Magnetic board on the fridge, a magnet holder for photos, notebooks, etc. The more of your branded items your potential customers have, the greater the chance they will remember your phone when the time comes.

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To sum it up on real estate marketing ideas

Real estate marketing ideas & tips to be expanded in February 2019 with a huge (probably the biggest) listicle of single ideas.

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