How we reinvented cold calling lists

First, I want to warn you from buying cold calling lists from mainstream resources that sell the same database again and again. Have some heart for those CEOs & CTOs.

List building is a foundation of outreach campaign and should and can be tailored per project. Do not agree for less.

The main issue with cold calls

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with cold calling even today, when it’s seeming a full-on digital era expansion. We lean towards quicker means of communication like instant messages, social networks and email communication. Cold calls are still necessary, when you need to reach out in person. However, cold calling approach is not without issues and complications.  

Calling someone who is not aware who you are, or that you even exist as a business can make it harder to establish a positive contact and pull of the deal you want. “What? Who? Yep, okay, sorry, we’re not interested.” Such reply may as well be due to lack of communication skills on your side of the conversation, but part of it is the fact that you’re cold-calling.

How to make cold calling lists warmer

There’s no denying that over time you become better and learn how to properly communicate with people on the other side of the phone, deal with objections, and be more persuasive. So the issue we were left with was “how to make our calls warmer?”. Reach out to companies before you actually call them. Use all available touch-points before you resort to the last option — calls.

We believe in cold calls going hand in hand with cold emails. Then, when you know prospects’ personal email addresses you can first target branded videos & content at them (i.e. addressing of awareness stage of marketing funnel leading to much higher open & response rates), do gentle email outreach after and call those who opened emails and do understand the context of your offer.


Wow, man 🙁

I do understand the dread of dealing with such outreach given limited human, time & money resources that are better off spend building a great product. So we got you covered and developed an in-house solution that allows for a more detailed market coverage and precise companies segmentation along with extra data provision like domains, emails, geographical locations, time-zone, phone numbers and even some key positions in companies. So we use it to make cold calling way more effective.

cold calling lists reinvented