Online PR & link building for business

Most guides really focus on “how to get this and that for free”. While this is the case for hobby enthusiasts & some garage startups I believe that for many many entrepreneurs getting a predictable result fast is worth the money as they have budget to allocate.

Dmitrii Borodin
Founder and product owner


'Online PR & link building for business'

Online PR & link building for business

Link building is a widely used term when speaking about SEO (i.e. getting ‘free’ traffic from Google organic search results). In a wider sense I’d call it ‘online pr’ though, because:

  • There are links one can build to gain more ‘authority’ in eyes of Google.
    • Such links often do not generate any traffic though.
  • There is also a PR thing centred around ‘live’ traffic. E.g. wouldn’t be cool to get an article featuring your startup in Tech Crunch?
    • Such media coverage can and should lead to direct respond (e.g. registrations, sales etc) but is not really scalable

I’ve been stack with the whole thing for a while until a realisation came that money is making this task much much easier. Most guides really focus on “how to get this and that for free”. While this is the case for established companies & hobby enthusiasts I believe that for many many entrepreneurs getting a predictable result fast is worth the money as they have budget to allocate.

So, lets dig in some options. Disclaimer: these is pretty much the toolset I use and therefore its not your average ‘complete list of tools to do link building’

Press release syndication

Basically, you write a press release once and then a service syndicates it via own network of sites and if it is good enough other sites will pick it up as well. I use a Newswire to skyrocket the coverage for just launched projects (costs something like $330).

For example it yielded something like 250 websites for a Logomachine collaboration (brand identity design in fixed price & time).

Manual outreach

Title is somewhat self explanatory, huh? Ideally you look for a writers with editorial connections, or someone inside editorial team, so you can pitch them with guest blogging opportunity, press releases, interviews etc.

online pr - manual outreach example Manual outreach example I did in September

Advantages are obvious:

  • ‘Live traffic’ with a potential of direct response
  • Long lasting relationships’ ROI increase over time


  • Hard to pick contact details
  • Hard to make people respond
  • Hard to scale the thing

At this point I have a vague idea how to solve problems that arise with this method. Directions so far are:

  1. Test Buzzstream service
  2. Build my own system based on custom CRM and cold emailing technique to fetch contact details

Will update this article as soon as I get results on those.

Content Syndication

This one is kinda a mix of manual outreach and paid thing. is charging just $9 bucks for pitching an impressive list of media.

  • Placement is not guaranteed (some media decline your writing)
  • Price range is quite impressive
  • There is a good possibility of direct response here

online pr - contento example Screenshot from admin panel and one of articles I am about to place


Most straightforward way to kick start your online PR.

  • Cons & things to keep in mind
    • Every website there should be reviewed by you manually – can’t go on buying rampage
    • Avoid dirty cheap prices – these are computer generated texts and some cloak websites
    • In most cases I’d recommend to go with a writing the article yourself. It might be tempting to save yourself a few hours for $15 or so, but trust me – its not.
  • Pros & why it is still cool
    • Scalable. Yes, you dig through a lot of junk, but at the end of the day you land nice deals

online pr - fiverr tool

How to

  1. Search for ‘guest blog post’ gigs
  2. Check the websites (sometimes you should ask explicitly for a link) with a tool like AFREFS. You are looking for a websites with a nice authority numbers and that is not losing traction quickly (like organic traffic decrease). TIP: I also check for the website overall look – would you be ashamed to have your brand mentioned there?
  3. Can’t stress this enough – write articles in house.
  4. I also suggest to allocate a budget over a long term. E.g. doing $300 every month. This does look like a proper work on building editorial relationships.

To sum it up on online PR

So, if 3 out of 4 tools featured are open and relatively easy to use, why does GRIN tech charge money for Online PR & link building?

First, it still requires content creation, websites assessments (e.g. via ahrefs) and some general (big picture) perspective.

Second, we don’t really have such standalone solution, we sell Content Marketing for that matter. Because thats where real magic happens – design, code, copywriting and marketing mix to build long lasting business assets.

online pr - wordstream overview via ahrefs traffic value (monthly figure)