Scraping LinkedIn – scalable approach to prospecting & lead gen

Internet is full of content on LinkedIn networking, but fundamental problem is that networking per se is not scalable and therefore does not meet digital marketing principle I worship – if it doesn’t scale – it doesn’t work.

LinkedIn tools for outreach at scale (like Sponsored InMail) are pay-to-play similar to all major social networks.

So you think – why not parse LinkIn data and use it on your own.

LinkIn scraping options

  1. Hire freelancer to collect dataset
  2. Use some existing SaaS solution like LeadIQ ($60 per 300 contacts a month)
  3. Fully managed lead generation solution, because you don’t need LinkedIn data per se, you need leads, right?

Let me elaborate on 3rd option.

We built Launcher as fully managed solution for a number of reasons:

  • List building should be tailored per project. LinkedIn is a great source of prospects, but there are so many more sources. AngelList, Crunchbase, business & community directories like Dribbble, Ahrefs to name just a few.
  • Data enrichment. Say you got a list of 5 000 prospects (Launcher’s average campaign size is 5 600). Now what? We built Launcher and in house team to handle it for you, because otherwise you around googling “email finder”, hire VA from Philippines to paste those emails into spreadsheet, look for their phone numbers.
  • Outreach – retargeting ads. Base outreach channels are cold emails & cold calls. But they don’t address the awareness stage of sales funnel. Branded promo videos, content & case studies targeted at prospects help a great deal to break an ice.
  • Outreach – email. Cold emailing at blast can ruin your domain spam rate i.e. all emails will go to spam i.e. you’d have to do a re branding. We have you covered here and can give a guarantee rooted in fact that we do huge campaign for our own solutions and still going strong.
  • Outreach – phone calls. Cold calling is tough as well as finding good sales reps. See how we reinvented cold calling lists. TDLR: we call those who opened emails or pass this opportunities to your team.

To sum it up on scraping LinkedIn

Given so many potential pitfalls, nuances & in house resources required to do lead generation on your own I’d suggest you give GRIN Launcher a try and get in touch. At this point as we accumulate customer success stories we can do a pilot campaign on a budget.

Imagine all those leads flowing in your CRM on autopilot. Or demos appearing scheduled at your calendar out of blue.

linkedin scrapping - imagine all those leads you can get