b2b sales consultant you & your business deserve

Often b2b sales consultant role is narrowed down to sales only. I believe it is much closer to the entrepreneur role. Let me explain.

We built GRIN Launcher which delivers immense value in three fields:

  1. Media coverage. Mainly guest blog opportunities
  2. Market research. My favorite is Total Addressable Market size metric, i.e., the answer to the question “How many clients in this particular market \ vertical are there?” Consider these examples: Fashion e-commerce stores in the US with organic traffic over XXX and YYY installed. Chief Technology Officers in Washington DC retail companies with a headcount between 11 and 200.
  3. b2b sales rooted in prospects list building tailored to each project, data enrichment & outreach via not so cold emails and calls.

It is all fully managed by Launcher’s team and requires just a coordinator (sort of product owner) on a client side. He or she communicates with a dedicated human instead of a User Interface.

This person is indeed your b2b sales consultant, not just support agent or yes-sir guy.

What is the difference tho?

There are two types of projects\competences you might need:

  1. Hands, i.e., you know what you are doing and need execution
  2. Head, i.e., you have some objective (e.g., get organic traffic and convert it to sales, so you settle to find the best content marketing agency out there)

b2b sales are not an easy walk, so that is why apart from doing leg work GRIN Launcher assigns a dedicated human with an informed opinion on:

  • List building strategies, best practices, pitfalls, etc. as well as defining Targeted Profiles for your campaign
  • Unique selling proposition \ door opener reshaping
  • Automation design to help you tune the pipeline
  • Quick website improvement opportunities and what not

To sum it up on b2b sales consultant

I firmly believe that every project has to have a “parent.” The single, most responsible for its success person with utter believe and will to execute and carry it on.

That is why in Launcher there will be a single responsible for your campaign dedicated human. Skin in the game that is.

p.s. Example GRIN tech’s solution for building custom CRM system featuring dedicated human.
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