12 Dental Blog Topics

Look, we get it. You didn’t spend 2-3 years studying orthodontia in order to write blog posts, right?


In this generation of media and online marketing, you can expect to spend a decent amount of time writing blog posts, social media, and more. And unless you want to shovel out to freelancers (or content marketing agency 🙂 for literally every post, you will have to write them yourselves.

“But I’m not a writer!” you say. “What could I write about?”

That’s why we’re here.

Let me present you with some blog post Ideas for dentists.

Dental blog topics worth considering

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List Posts

  • Top _____ Ways to Avoid Going to the Dentist

Yes, I know, this is the opposite of what you want. But this is the perfect opportunity to talk about dental hygiene!

  • Top _____ Reasons You are the Best Dentist

It sounds childish, but it works! Toot your own horn! Be willing to sell yourself, advertising your services. You know how good you are. Show it.

  • _____ Things You Didn’t Know About Dentists

Every occupation has its quirks and loopholes. They may not seem so odd from your point-of-view, but write from the point-of-view of a client. What might they not know about your occupation?

  • _____ Questions Answered About Dentists

This is similar to the last. Take advantage, reuse some of the same materials, rephrasing them as questions.

  • _____ “Crazy” Rules Dentists Follow

Even if you have been working in the field for twenty years, there have to still be some things that strike you as odd. Poll your family and friends who are not orthodontists for ideas.

  • Top _____ Myths about Dentists

This one has a lot of potential for tongue-in-cheek humor! Face it, a lot of your younger clients may well be terrified of dentists. This is a good chance to debunk some of their fears.

“Story” Posts

  • How I Became an Orthodontist

Online communication is all about presence and voice. An honest post about your journey instantly connects you with your clients. What is your background? What struggles did you face in your studies? What advice would you give to someone else just starting in the field?

  • I Can’t Afford to Pay a Dentist: What Can I Do?

Problem-solve for your client! They will thank you for it!

  • Clear and Unbiased Facts about the Orthodontist Industry

As with every occupation, there is scandal and muddled facts. Clarify them for your clients.


  • How to Find the Right Dentist for You

How would you recommend searching for a dentist? What strategies would you use to find one for extreme or unique cases?

  • Dentists: Do You Need One?

From your point-of-view, the answer is an obvious yes! Your client may not automatically agree. Here is your chance to convince them!

  • The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Dentist Visit

What does your client need to bring in order to have a stress-free visit? What documentation? What else would you recommend?

To sum it up on dental blog topics

Here you go! 12 Blog Post Ideas for Dentists. There’s no need to fall behind in this new media age. Take this list, go, and write!

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