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Restaurants Public Relations

What exactly are restaurant public relations? Why is it important?

Good questions.

Every restaurant has to tell a story. It starts with restaurant branding. Yet without a strong public relations strategy, that story may never reach your audience.

In this post, we will be discussing the definition, importance, and practical applications of public relations for your restaurant.

What exactly are public relations?

Public relations is defined as “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.”

Public relations essentially comprise what is considered unbiased feedback. Public relations draw in customers and keep them there.

Restaurant PR best practices

+ Remember that journalists will be journalists

The truth is that journalists tend to be at least slightly narcissistic. They are primarily focused on their own deadlines, breaking stories, and credibility. The only way you are truly going to get through to them is by focusing on what your restaurant can do for them, not the other way around.

+ No two journalists are alike

While most journalists share some qualities – the narcissism of Point #1 for example – they are still individual, unique human beings. Also, every magazine/website/etc. that they work for is different. Do your research ahead of time so that you are fully prepared with the information that each individual journalist will need.

+ Communicate

Discover how different journalists prefer to communicate. Facebook message? Email? Phone call? Follow their lead, but stay proactive in your communication.

+ Social media, social media, social media

This is the age of social media. Prepare to spend a large portion of your advertising budget and time on social media… and don’t just wing it. Go into this with a specific social media marketing plan. Listen to and engage with different journalists online so that you are prepared when the time comes for a full-on media coverage.

+ Write your press release strategically

The press release is not just to please your boss – think of your target customer and what exactly they want and desire from your restaurant. Tell a story, maintain your main points front and center, and keep it short and sweet.

+ Know your competition

Journalists will regularly ask you about your competition and how you compare. Be prepared.

+ All press is good press

The old phrase stands particularly true. There is no avoiding bad press – the moment your restaurant’s doors open, you will begin finding bad press. Embrace it, rather than fighting against it. Controversy can bring in customers just as much as the continuous positive press can. Don’t base your own self-worth on the bad press.

+ Don’t. Hound.

There is a difference between proactivity and hounding. Once the journalist has interviewed you, give them time to go home and write the story. Don’t nag them until at least a week later, and even then do not hound them daily. Have patience.

+ Play with the unconventional

There’s nothing new under the sun, but there are definitely unconventional ways to play with your public relations. Host meetups and conferences. Stage flash mobs. Be bold and unconventional… be you.

To sum it up on public relations for restaurants

So, once again – every restaurant has to tell a story. It starts with restaurant branding. Yet without a strong public relations strategy, that story may never reach your audience.

I am sure – the world deserves to know your story.