Automotive Marketing Services

The beginning of transportation in cars without a driver is a matter of the next ten years. Self-driving cars will be part of a new wave of automation and the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, which is based on the development of artificial intelligence systems.

At the same time, the execution in automotive marketing is far too often like wagon traveling – the same speed and control.

Here is a foundation to do it right:

Infrastructure to work with traffic & leads; e.g. setup and integration of analytics, call tracking, CRM system, website, and back office.
Automotive SEO. Some of the keywords can be addressed on your own website, some will require collaboration with 3rd party companies like media, forum owners and review aggregators.
Paid marketing channelsΒ like Google Ads and Remarketing.

Each of these topics is huge, so here are the two most common pitfalls we see:
How much does a call cost
Many companies in the automotive industry use call tracking to measure the cost of leads and to disable campaigns and requests that bring expensive calls.

At the same time, if we use call tracking without integration with the CRM system, we will not be able to see what revenue was generated on the core offers and upsells on particular clients. No life-time values too πŸ™

Without this end-to-end numbers, how can we determine the maximum cost per lead?


To make all this work, it is necessary:

Integrate call tracking with CRM system and website’s systems;
Ensure that employees understand how to work with all systems and don’t sabotage the work

Going beyond call tracking
The automotive industry has quite a long sales cycle, so you need to keep track of all possible target actions:

Website live chat stats
Physical visits
Test drive stats

BTW, we build websites for the automotive industry too