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Advanced Retargeting Setup

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Advanced Retargeting Setup

The basic retargeting setup means that ads are shown to every visitor, i.e. it works more like a branded advertisement. It is possible to fine-tune it further based on actions performed and other data points. We can certainly do that. Examples of what groups of users can be targeted:
  • Visited certain pages (or didn't visit)
  • Performed certain actions (e.g. added to cart, subscribed, clicked button, etc)
  • Based on a timeframe (e.g. "visited in the last two weeks")
  • The budget to show ads is not included in the price.
  • While this is a turn-key solution, we do not provide creatives (e.g. banners) and do only copywriting. If you want to get videos & visuals as well – check out Retargeting + Content Bundle
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