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Business Book Summaries

Business book summaries for me personally is the best way to figure out whether the book is worth reading or not (spoiler: 8 out of 10 so far is quite useless even in summary format). For the rest, they claim:

  • How do I stop postponing my life away?
  • How to resist stress?
  • How to resist manipulation and emotional blackmail?
  • How to make it happen? (editors note: Hello Tony Robbins)
  • How to overcome shyness?
  • How to build awesome processes?
  • How to develop a career?
  • How to find a vocation, start a business and do what you love?
  • (I just got tired listing them, so lets finish it in one punchline)
  • How to start a business? How to be the one? (what?) How to get rid of bad habits? How to live a good life? What is the right way to eat? What can I do to get healthier?

BONUS: at the end of this tendeous article there is a list of 10 business book summaries

Answers to these and many other questions can be found in non-fiction books, i.e. books about psychology, business, self-development, personal effectiveness, healthy , science and everything that contributes to the broadening of horizons and personal and professional growth of their readers. The knowledge these books promise can make life better. But a modern and active (like you are!) person might face few problems reading these sources of wisdom:

      • how to find time? (not having a time to read a book or two on time optimisation, duh!)
      • how to choose books worth reading? (can relate)
      • is it worth my time and money?

There are many useful and worthy books that help to change life for the better if you read them at the right time, but how do you find the time? Sure, you can search for information on the online, but how often are you satisfied with answers from the net? The quality of many online articles can be way better (btw, hit the chat on your bottom right on what do you think about our blog, please), and everyone who is not lazy can publish articles online (like we do).

There is another pressing problem of reading non-fiction books. These are annoying repetitions of the same idea, milk and water and examples that are not really relatable for us. While reading you wonder sometimes what author wanted to say exactly? Would be awesome to have someone to boil it down to essentials, right?

It is for these reasons that more and more people buy a subscription turn to reading non-fiction summaries (and business book summaries in particular) that can be consumed in 10-20 minutes.

  • they allow reader to get ideas and concepts from books ranging from psychology to scientific discoveries;
  • they save time — summaries can be read in just 10-20 minutes;
  • they save money for reading enthusiasts
  • they help to make a truly informed decision on what books are worth to be read or (very private & gentle process) to be included in your library;

Do summaries replace books?

Both yes and no.

Reading book summaries, you can come to realisation that’s enough for you (hello Tony Robbins). In this case, reading summary will keep you from getting (and spending your time on) a book you don’t need. On the other hand, after reading interesting summaries you’d probably want to dig it in more depth. In this case, summary will help to make the decision.

Do business book summaries infringe copyright?

No, summaries presents only key ideas and concepts from books, it is an independent creative product. What’s more, summaries contribute to the spread of authors’ ideas and book titles.

Can I have a look at some?

Glad that you asked. We just happen to have some on our website (GRIN tech is the company behind the blog)

business book summaries - awesome place to read them