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Sharepoint 01

August 21, 2019

SharePoint is not a file server. If you try to use it as one you’ll have a hell of a time. Permissions and groups are a nightmare and 6 months down the line you’ll find out someone gave a client/friend/vendor access to a whole folder with sensitive information.

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Sharepoint 02

August 21, 2019

Was going to say the same thing. SharePoint is a collaboration and communication platform, so there’s a process and understanding shift involved. If it’s treated like a simple file share and users aren’t gradually trained and introduced, you’ll quickly start finding rogue Dropbox accounts and G Docs in my experience.

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Sharepoint 03

August 21, 2019

Moving from file shares to SharePoint is a big change for end users. We regularly do this for our clients and my best advice is to first use it and understand it yourself. Then, try a pilot program with a select bunch of IT savvy users.
There are some drawbacks to using SharePoint and some major benefits. SharePoint is designed for documents, eg word, excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Storing images, cad or anything which requires direct access to the file system will be majorly inconvenient to your users.
That said, SharePoint enables live collaboration on documents, version control, access anywhere and many other benefits.

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Sharepoint 04

August 21, 2019

Sharepoint is widely used in enterprises, true, but not really a newbie friendly technology to get your programming feet wet. Not to mention if you focus on that as your first real deep dive into programming, you’re likely to come up with some really skewed concepts on how web development is done.

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Sharepoint 05

August 21, 2019

I’ve done incredible things with Sharepoint…
– We created a SOX process and document repository around it. Lots of lists, lots of doc repos, many hands in the pot all managed centrally. This was for a large financial firm.
– I’ve built a vacation calendar (with approval workflow) for a small company.
– I’ve used it as a collaboration tool for meetings where minutes, notes, documents, and so on can be kept.
– I’ve managed an inventory of thousands of servers
– We created build automation around it where a user submits a form and then automation runs against the list and builds hosts and updates the list with status.
I’ve worked with HR to use it as their public (internal but readable by the entire company) facing intranet site. And have done this for many teams I was on.
But the common denominator is that Sharepoint was there before I did any of those projects. I don’t think I could have brought it in to the company. Some of those projects require the paid version of sharepoint and its hard to justify the cost for just one of those projects. But put them all together where the entire company gets some value out of it, then yeah… It can definitely be worth it.
So, to me… Is it worth it, yeah. There are other tools that can be used to do each of those things, but having something that can easily be extended was very nice.

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Sharepoint 06

August 21, 2019

SharePoint is intended to be more than the world’s most complicated and expensive file share. If a fileshare is all you’re using it for, then, yeah, there are better solutions.
It’s also complex enough that you really need someone trained and experienced to administer it. SharePoint allows an inexperienced admin to shoot themselves in the foot with a belt-fed automatic shotgun, and then recursively shoot the feet off everyone in their company.

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Changelog – pre-ecosystem era

v0.1.8 Hound @ – b2b prospecting platform

v0.1.8.1 Business directory – content experiment to support b2b prospecting platform.

v0.1.6 GRIN tech affiliate program is live.

v0.1.5.2 Working on cool in-house lead gen project - Art Director is preparing 100 picks of Business Cards in various niches.

v0.1.5.1 GRIN games emerged

As a web agency we never could and never will be able to escape the urge of building things.
Among million other things we played with an idea of text-based games and the last piece that was missing was the story itself. So via in-house outreach platform we found two established writers that believed in the project and agreed to participate.

Shout out to Richard Abbott who wrote Fraud on Thetis and Eva Pohler who sent us a huge draft we are still reading through.

v0.1.4 GRIN launcher is born.
It is an outreach platform that we use to establish connections with editorial teams.
They say samples of published articles look good but pricing looks even better

At some point we realised that list building, fetching contact details & outreach tech work just as well for b2b lead generation

v0.1.3 Once, we fell in love with ecommerce, because of short feedback cycles on marketing & development efforts.
Today we ship into production inhouse SaaS project - AVOKADO - the web app for learning languages with flash cards.

The year after we built it we realised how long is the road map ahead & what resources we'd need to promote it and decided to put it on hold.

One day as we ship GRIN tech v3.0 into production we'll distrupt the language learning market with Avokado.

We love Wordpress and recently shipped two plugins into open beta for commercial sale.

v0.1.2.2 King The Monk - wordpress plugin to virally grow your email list

v0.1.2.1 Plain Conversions - wordpress plugin to convert your visitors

v0.1.1. Expanded core offering to visual productions

v0.1 It's Autumn 2017 and GRIN tech agency's website is born.
We have it saved for the history.

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