E-commerce marketing via organic traffic & affiliates

We see a pattern that GRIN Launcher best serves two needs of e-commerce marketing:

Link building to drive organic traffic growth

One might think that in 2019 every major niche, especially in e-commerce space, is too saturated. Indeed, it is crowded but not hat competitive:

Keyword difficulty = 0 means that there are pages ranking on the first page of Google without a single backlink (also referred to as deep links as opposed to links pointing at homepage).

So identifying these opportunities, creating landing pages & placing sponsored posts on relevant media websites is a major growth point.

GRIN tech agency can help you with research & implementation, while Launcher’s team will ensure there are media ready to publish sponsored content.

Affiliate program outreach

For certain businesses, affiliate marketing works like a charm. In nutshell building affiliate program is simple:

  • Create a program
    • Ensure you have conversions to prove product\market fit
    • Craft offer for affiliates
    • Implement technical part (tracking, affiliate dashboard etc)
  • Get affiliates involved. Options are:
    • Affiliate platform that acts as intermediary and will help you shape the offer and introduce it to affiliates (mostly professional marketers living of selling other’s products)
    • Affiliate agency that usually acts as an aggregator of affiliate platforms and will submit your offer to multiple platforms and handle the communication.
    • Pitch the right prospects yourself. At first, it might seem odd given the previous two options and indeed it is hard to implement, but it unlocks the opportunity to find direct (and more exclusive) relationships with media. Certain businesses can also pitch in-direct competitors with co-marketing, becoming a channel distribution partner, etc.

GRIN Launcher can help you reach and establish connections with partners driving an immense growth. Basically, it is a form of lead generation, isn’t it?

To sum it up on e-commerce marketing

Of course, there is much more to take care of starting from tuning paid advertising channels, taking care of the back office, pricing strategies, etc.

Let it go at least with SEO & affiliate marketing – we might be the partner you’ve been looking for.



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